Daily Archives: November 23, 2007

An englishman in New York

Earlier this week I experienced speed dating. My biggest fear was that I would meet someone I already know, or actually pay money to meet someone I already know. And, as if I had attracted it, when I arrived at the restaurant, a friend of mine was there having dinner. She asked me why I was there. I asked her again how she was. Then I came clean. She thought it was a pretty cool thing to do.

Never one for punctuality, I was oddly the first to arrive. I met some nice women and ordered a big glass of Goats Do Roam. The coordinator was very interesting with a long list of career activities. I wondered if her pre-dating gig was like working in real estate. You know, showing someone a house you’d really like to have yourself.

Four men and six ladies showed up, which means I get a credit for another event. It was fun to sit and talk to new people and I found it enjoyable. Following the Manslator’s advice, I brought no expectations and was completely relaxed (the Goats helped). I laughed a lot, especially with one guy who, although we probably won’t entertain any romantic furtherings, has become my favourite personality right now. Who can resist being friends with someone who loves life, takes chances, and rises to the top. That is, of course, if his story is accurate. For all I know he could live in a box, no offense to anyone living in a box. Seriously though, he’s an awesome person who has the ability to make me smile just by being himself. He’s offered to be my wingman in exchange for introductions to all my hottie 20 and 30 year old friends.

Will I use my credit? You bet. And, Susan, no one who looked like Sting.

Comparing this to online dating, I have to say this was way better. I’m not particuarly photogenic and my personality doesn’t always shine through the pixels, so I’m thinking online dating is as flat as my computer screen. I am, however, learning a lot about interacting with others, blockers aside, and I’m less fearful to contact people.  Although one guy blocked me tonight after I sent a second picture. Not sure if my unphotogenicness was the problem or I was just wearing too much clothing. Here comes my great attitude…his loss, he didn’t even get to hear me laugh.