Daily Archives: November 3, 2007

Coming in from the storm

Water splattered against the window and lapped away the grime from years of neglect. Wind massaged the surface, leaving only remnants of the past. Nature’s housekeeper struggled to scrub away the pain and sorrow, fighting against the dry, fallen leaves empty of their life force.

The synonomy was apparent as she stood there inviting the wind to remove all memory of toil and heartache. Promise filled each drop of rain, each gust of wind. She let her intention direct her. She didn’t feel brave enough to let go of the past, but as the wind and rain grew stronger, she succumed to its inevitable release.

Cleansed and powerful she moved forward. A smile curled her lips. The sparkle in her eye told the tale of a woman infused with possibility, hope and desire. The storm had awoken her passion. Her shoulders were empty, her step light. Years of should haves rolled into the overflowing drain. Tomorrow was now flooded with her dreams.