Sleep helps everything

It’s been a busy week or so and my writing practice made it to abandoned status. I’m wrapping up my current job and heading for new opportunities on November 5.  Although endings aren’t easy and decisions sometimes difficult, I can hear Louise Hay in my ear. “You are never stuck. You can always make another decision.” This thought alone removes any in-trepidation toward change. Actually, I have no fear with this move, just positive thoughts of opportunistic doors. 

Have you ever been to one of those Superstore cooking nights? I suggest you go. The martini girls’ October soiree featured live cooking by a professional, very entertaining chef named Chris Burton. The food was plentiful and delicious and it was a relaxing good time at an affordable price. We even had time to catch up on all the delicious details we can’t wait to share each month. I’d do it again. It would make a great date for new or seasoned couples.

I won four free tickets to a local Yuk Yuks comedy club last week on Facebook. What an awesome, totally random gift that was. Live stand-up is one of my favourite things and it was a great lineup. The headliner was from Alberta. Very funny guy. It was last week, so I don’t remember his name, but he was tall and I think he had a manic ex named Sherrilyn who he referred to in dark but funny light.

Friday night I was honoured to be offered a seat at Orange Crush, the Mocean Dance annual fund-raising gala. They unveiled their new website and the performances were outstanding. I was mesmerized. Actually, it made me want to do 300 sit-ups and 6000 leg presses. Funny, compelling, emotional and energizing. Oh and did I mention, completely entertaining. I would definitely pay to see them again.

KD (my older son) played his first hockey game on Sunday (at 7:00 am). He was so excited. He almost got a break away but the whistle blew and he fell over…it was right there though…next time. He lamented that I didn’t wave to him when he was on the bench, right after he gave me sneers for not picking the right pose for his school picture. He’s moving into a new stage. I need drugs. 

I’m noticing that my kids are treating me disrespectfully lately, especially KD. “If you don’t let me do this…(insert something weird here)….I’ll hate you forever.” My response is, “I’ll love you forever and the answer is still no.” I’m not sure what to do about this, except try to keep from losing my temper and reminding him that girls don’t like it when boys speak badly to their mothers because they think they will speak badly to them too. At least that’s how I feel, and I’m a girl. Of course, a Mommy’s boy isn’t where it’s at either, but it’s better than being mean to the person who brought you into the world, unless she’s a “boy’s Mommy” and then sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind…a little bit. Makes me want to be more patient with my mother too. The lessons we teach are often the lessons we need.

I’m overtired, extremely. Way too many worthy late nights and too much going on. My teeth are clenched, my shoulders are stiff and my neck is in knots. I had a panic attack last week. Woke up to my heart pounding out of control. I used the hummingbird breath and it worked like a charm 1 or 2 minutes was all it took. Stress is bad. Stress is bad. 

But, I got my braces off this morning…so I’ve got some pearly whites happening. I’ve been smiling at myself all day. Once again, I’m very entertaining in traffic.

Oh and my kids are enjoying Sunday School. I couldn’t be more pleased. KD prays for money and JB prays for Mommy, Daddy and sleep. Me too buddy.


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4 responses to “Sleep helps everything

  • Sleep helps everything

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  • Susan

    You have been busy, although my guess is “all in a week’s work” of a single mom. Not that I know much about that (certainly not the gala part!) I hear ya on the sleep deprivation. I had finally caught up last weekend, and now back into the sleep debt. Sigh…

  • writesome

    Thanks for dropping by Susan. I am my own worst sleep stealer. For instance, right now it’s 10:47, my kids have been asleep since about 8:00. I just missed a 3 hour bucket of zzzzs. Now I can only hope they stay asleep so I can get the recommended 4-6 hours every Mom needs to make it through the day. But then, I haven’t practiced my guitar yet….and there’s a load of laundry in the washer…

  • Susan

    I do the same all the time. I know I should be going to bed, but there always seems to be so much to do, and then so much I WANT to do. Well, good night! get some sleep, too.

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