Kudos to Jeff Mac

Jeff at Manslations answered my question yesterday. I’m thrilled with the response. This guy is FUNNY and oh so right on. See if you agree.

I was gmailing a friend tonight and noticed an alarming ad: Be A Player. Learn how to be a player and get more women. It’s strange how women are trying to side-step these guys (for the most part) and gain self-confidence while there are people making money trying to teach men how to become one. I’m not sure I’ve seen an ad for how to become a slut, but I should try gmailing this term to myself to see what comes up.

One strange search term recently is Mandy Barker. My Mandy barker is sleeping on my couch, shedding DNA from her well rounded physique. To date she hasn’t played hockey nor launched a clothing line, although if she did it would definitely be fur-lined.


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One response to “Kudos to Jeff Mac

  • Susan

    Have you seen the show on Vh-1 called The Pickup Artist. (I wrote about it in a post not too long ago). As the name implies, it is about teaching socially awkward young men to pick up chicks – maybe even to become players themselves. (I won’t even go into how creepy their host, Mystery, is…) I guess this is an industry/fascination that will go on for all of eternity.

    BTW, good for you and asking the question of JM!

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