Socially acceptable

Qigong is going well. I just returned from week three and have to say, it’s changing me (for the better). I can see it will take a long time and some deep practice to experience the enlightenment that’s possible. Funny thing is, I always thought I was pretty enlightened. 

My family and friends often comment that I’m a little “out there”. I recognize those blank stares and glazings that usually follow some long drawn-out story about how our energy is all connected and how we create our lives as we intend. But, this is different. This is all that plus ultimate acceptance of what is, in this moment.

This morning, in a moment, I said, “get dressed,” very loudly to Korey. Then I made him a checklist of everything he needed to do if he wanted to “play” before school. He left the checklist on the counter for me, absolutely complete. He’s very process-oriented.

I recognize in myself the things he does that bother me. I can be running way late, but will still stop to check my email, facebook, gmail and twitter accounts, quite often sitting down to comment or “like” something. I’m careful about my “likes” though, because all these subsequent notifications that someone else has “liked” or commented on a post tend to drive me crazy, especially if I have no idea who the people are. But, we are all connected, right? So, I guess their “stuff” is my stuff, how I choose to process it is up to me. (That probably didn’t make sense.) It’s all about the karma and that’s why Qigong is so fascinating to me.

What I need is a checklist to get me out the door and to bed before 2 am.

Tomorrow, I think I’m going to buy a new vehicle. Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Socially acceptable

  • Jodi

    haha… I get those blank stares too. I realize more and more how connected we all are, and how our thoughts affect our lives. I catch myself more often now, when I say something a little too harsh (or downright stupid). When a negative thought creeps in, which they inevitably do sometimes, I actually recognize it as such and most of the time I’m able to give it a swift kick… replacing it with something else. Sometimes it’s just replaced with recognizing the not-so-welcome thought… a good first step. 🙂
    Thank you for this post… I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to more. 😀

  • writesome

    Thanks Jodi, awesome to see you here. Can’t wait to “hear” you soon.

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