Daily Archives: September 16, 2009

No expectations

The ability to live your life with no expectation is hard to master. Our minds are full of shoulds, coulds, woulds and what ifs. It’s a tough, drippy tap to turn off. For me, freeing myself of  judgement (both of self and others) is when I’m the happiest, just enjoying the ride of my life, arms in the air.

Qigong started tonight and guess what? That’s what it’s all about. I’m definitely in the right spot. Don’t ask me to repeat what I learned, I’m still absorbing. It will unfold, be patient and I’ll share it all as it comes to my enlightened self. 

Immediate benefits:  my cold is better and this stiff pain in my right foot (from crashing into Justin on the trampoline a couple of weeks ago) is exiting. I can actually wiggle my toes again.