Daily Archives: September 13, 2009

And now for something new…CFQ Qigong

Tuesday I start a new course in CFQ Qigong. (I’m mindful of how difficult it is to type a “Q” without adding a “u” after it).

Back in 2000-2001, I took a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, affectionately called BMAP (Body-Mind Awareness Program) from someone who has become a great friend to me. Actually, my current circle of influence is still speckled with souls from this group. During this program, I was introduced to Qigong and I remember it being an extremely relaxing, healing form of movement that seemed effortless yet effective. 

I’ll be exploring Qigong with Dana Marcon of DM Personal Training, who was my fitness instructor back in the 90’s at my company’s gym….funny how time evolves us.

Level 1 focuses on the meridians and level 2 on the mind. Through the course, I will become certified to teach Qigong and I’m already envisioning my application, although open to all possibilities. I haven’t started yet, remember.

Anyway, my goal is to record my journey through my blog, so if this bores you, tune out…but wait, don’t really, cause, you know me:  I’ll probably forget to update and jump into another topic of interest, like my kids or how much I miss my boyfriend.

Oh, and I just finished a two week “Fat Flush Program” (Anne Louise Gittleman) and lost 12 pounds, but it’s creeping back now that I’ve allowed some gooey good food in my mouth. The best thing about the fat flush is that you can always start again. So, tonight it’s a long-life cocktail (get the book) and some fishoil (by Ascenta Health…an innovative Nova Scotia company). Tomorrow I’ll start with the hot water and lemon to cut through the KFC  and DQ ice-cream I devoured tonight. As I type this, I can actually feel the acid reflux symptoms again and can’t believe I lived that way for so long.  It is true, whole real food makes you feel whole. 

Are you like me?  For years I would experience excruciating pain in my chest, become  light-headed, anxious and my mind would not be clear about anything. I would wonder if other people ever felt like that or if it was considered somewhat normal. I can’t imagine we are supposed to live our lives with constant aches and pains and a foggy-ness that clouds your entire being. The Fat Flush allows you to return your body to a normal natural position, free of the heaviness.  Your liver will love  you.

It’s not overly restrictive. Last night’s dinner consisted of pan-seared scallops, baked salmon trimmings, 1 small baked potato, green beans  and cucumber.  It was yummy and I’m having the rest for lunch tomorrow.

I’ve actually been doing the Fat Flush for over 5 years. Every once and a while I would spend two to four weeks eating really good and it always paid off. Unfortunately, when you have an insatiable sweet tooth and a busy life, it’s easy to fall off the flour/milk/sugar wagon.

That, and all my friends and family just smile and say, yes…that’s tasty Heather; but stop asking me to contribute.