Moon smash

The moon was used as a garbage can today; completely on purpose.

How is it that the fine folks at NASA, who are supposed to be smart, thinking, educated people, actually thought this was a good idea? What possible good could come of this “cause” and yet to be realized “effect”?

Are these the same-schooled scientists who, 50 years ago, thought dumping garbage and toxins wouldn’t harm the earth.

According to the NPR article:

NASA has emphasized that the impact won’t hurt the moon, which is used to getting hit by space objects. It has no atmosphere to protect it and constantly gets bombarded by all kinds of meteorites, large and small.

Are they sure it didn’t hurt anything? Are they sure there will be no effect on our tides and atmosphere?  In my opinion, they are so caught up in their science project, they’ve lost sight of the number one rule:  Don’t mess with nature because payback is a bitch. The moon may seem a passive player compared to the sun, but it’s no less a life-force.

The best question is, why didn’t they just wait for the next “natural” hit if they were so interested? I’m sure they are sophisticated enough to track a meteor headed for the moon and swoop in for a shot or two.

Patience people, if we are meant to know the secrets of the universe, they will be revealed when we are ready to accept them. 

I’m sure the cost of this endeavor could have had a greater impact here on earth. In my opinion, the weirdos who got off on this should walk a mile in the shoes of the hungry, sick, and homeless. 

I’m constantly amazed at the expense paid for useless research but this one tops the charts. We are in a global recession. Reducing green house gases and lowering our carbon footprint are high on corporate and personal agendas. Where does this seemingly useless act of destruction and waste fall on the social responsibility scale?

The bottom line here is that not only have we damaged our earth through waste and destruction, now the moon has intentionally been used as a junk yard.

It’s disturbing, like the movie Wall-e. 

In other news, President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize. Ok. And, Marge Simpson will be on the November issue of Playboy. What a weird day.

Oh, and a friend’s Dad passed away. Which is what really caused my heart to hurt. I can see him right now in front of me, what a gentle soul. May you all find peace in your own time.


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4 responses to “Moon smash

  • anonymous


    mass of the moon =
    73 600 000 000 000 000 000 000 kg (give or take a few)

    mass of the LCROSS modules =
    3 000 kg (rounded up).

    Every single person on Earth would have to chuck 1,000,000 of these at the moon at the impact velocity to change its speed by 1 mph.

    But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way.

  • writesome

    Thanks for commenting and supplying the digits. Still, no doubt a stupid waste of resources, money, and time. Not to mention NASA’s reputation.

  • Ignorant Bystander

    Whoa. You know, H, I wouldn’t argue with someone who can type that many 0’s.

    Dunno why they’re looking for water on the moon. Now cheese, however…

  • writesome

    Ha! Too funny. I’m not arguing the science, just the holistic logic. Cheese is good, melted over french fries with gravy…but I poutin, really.
    Hope you are well.

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