Monthly Archives: April 2007

Dog’s breakfast

My life is a wonderful mix of everything. I devour the energy I receive from laughing with my friends. I love the excitement of new people and new projects. I’m filled with joy when my children smile. Watching my dog play renews my spirit. Being on or near the water is peaceful beyond my wildest dreams. The sunshine brings energy. The rain brings fertility. I’m full of life and life is full. I dream big. I expect the best outcome. I accept the possibilities. I see no limitations. Daily strife brings opportunity to grow. Being tired reminds me to sleep. May I sleep well tonight and tomorrow fully appreciate the mix.


Yesterday and today I used and heard the word contingency at least a dozen times. A contingency is a possibility that must be prepared for in case certain events take place. What about the law of attraction? Are we setting the stage to miss our original goal by giving energy to contingencies or are we simply giving ourselves breathing space to create the best result? 

Often the contingency actually turns out to be the better plan, but don’t be fooled by contingencies that force you off your path…that’s just the ego keeping your dreams at bay.

Watered down

When I’m really, really happy, I tend to keep my wits about me and subdue my joy — I fear that life is waiting with a left hook. I’ve now removed that fear. I sincerely believe we are here to experience joy and abundance at no cost to us. Joy is not borrowed on credit. There is no bill, with interest, at the end of the month. Feel life and experience your true worth. We all deserve to be happy. Full strength happy, not watered down.


I watched the Secret last night. It wasn’t new stuff for me. I’ve been instructing the universe my whole life but didn’t realize it. I now know where I’m going off the rails. I put everything out there but I fail to receive. Now, I’m ready to receive. I know what I want and I’m working my thoughts toward it. It will happen, I’m convinced. I feel good. I feel grateful. I’m happy and I’m not scared anymore. Bring it on!


My refrigerator and freezer are not working. I’m not sure when they stopped, but everything is completely thawed so I’d say more than 72 hours ago. I’m going to need a big shopping cart on Monday.

I have a friend who fixes refrigerators. I called him tonight, but he was at the tavern…best that he stays there for now… we’ll hook up tomorrow.  Actually, I’m thinking back over the last week or so and remembering that my frozen turnip didn’t feel so frozen and the sausages were a little soft…not a good way for a sausage to be. I missed a red flag on that one…or sinful denial.

I’m trying to salvage the milk and juice in a cooler on the deck. Luckily it’s snowing and below zero tonight.

I had completely-thawed Ezekiel raisin bread for supper…toasted with butter. Everything else just had a bad aura. 

On the upside, the bacon (from my deep freeze) is thawing nicely for breakfast and the wine is fine.  


I’m mindful that my words are available to the world. This is humbling. I’m putting it out there. I believe that life will bring us what we truly desire. The trick is to desire big. Put the ego on mute, don’t let it talk you down and simply accept what comes your way. Be bold and brave and demand the best for yourself. If you don’t clearly believe you are worth it, how will the universe know what to provide. And surely, don’t let someone else’s voice become your own.

I have a cousin who is a photographer. I’m inspired by his talent and his belief in himself. Expect lots Nick, you deserve it.

I have friends

I registered on Facebook the other day. I’m connecting with people I haven’t talked to in years and even learning new things about them. I keep checking my friends’ friends to see if they are my friends too. I’m spending way too much time on it, it’s quite addictive. I’m told the novelty will wear off within a few weeks. Meanwhile it’s fun to poke around and find out what others are up to.

I actually set up my blog to display in my “Notes” on Facebook but I abandoned the task at confirm or cancel. Seems like a cool thing to do, but I’m not ready for the commitment. NB:  Commitment made.

So another social network takes off fast. It’s amazing how the internet keeps offering ways to engage people and shorten the distance between souls. 

There’s a difference

I’m not afraid to be alone, just afraid to be lonely.

Better than a sitcom

I find Gerry McGovern extremely entertaining. I love the way he changes the paradigms and brings the truth to light. I’m always left inspired by his insight and ready to enforce his wisdom on unsuspecting clients…to their advantage. I believe and appreciate his message. In my Online Marketing role, I often feel like a web traffic controller—ensuring visitors get to their destination quickly and safely, without missing their connection. I met an air traffic controller in a bar once. I didn’t mention my analogy. Somehow my role seemed a lot less significant than hers.

Clearly…I’ve been drinking

The sweat rosé
so pink and bright
removes the day
and brightens the night

I’m silly and happy
and ready for fun
the world is my playmate
and joy is my sun

May sleep come silent
and the ceiling be still
I’ll keep the goats with me
their work I won’t spill

My solemn promise…I will not drink and blog!