Daily Archives: April 5, 2007

There’s a difference

I’m not afraid to be alone, just afraid to be lonely.

Better than a sitcom

I find Gerry McGovern extremely entertaining. I love the way he changes the paradigms and brings the truth to light. I’m always left inspired by his insight and ready to enforce his wisdom on unsuspecting clients…to their advantage. I believe and appreciate his message. In my Online Marketing role, I often feel like a web traffic controller—ensuring visitors get to their destination quickly and safely, without missing their connection. I met an air traffic controller in a bar once. I didn’t mention my analogy. Somehow my role seemed a lot less significant than hers.


Clearly…I’ve been drinking

The sweat rosé
so pink and bright
removes the day
and brightens the night

I’m silly and happy
and ready for fun
the world is my playmate
and joy is my sun

May sleep come silent
and the ceiling be still
I’ll keep the goats with me
their work I won’t spill

My solemn promise…I will not drink and blog!