Daily Archives: April 19, 2007


Falling into yesterday
and living there a while
reaching out to no one
to find a steady hold

Taking off the top
and pealing back the layers
finding peace and comfort
and space amid the knots

Cleansing old habituals
and drowning them in fire
finding light and hope
larger than despair


Out Loud

Life was noisy today, internally and externally. Lots of surface stuff going on and lots of rumblings. The kind of rumblings that bring change, which is good, I’m ready.

I spent nearly $20 on stupid party favours so I could get my kids out of WalMart without a scene. The $20 turned out to be the price of admission…to the scene. I wonder what people think. I don’t care actually, but I do wonder. I’m sure any parent is at least empathetic, if not sympathetic, and just wants to hold me…that would be nice. When I see well-behaved kids, I always look for the fishing line that’s holding them down.

I used to tremble when I took my kids to the store. If they left my sight for a second, I would panic. Now it’s earshot and I’m glad to give them some freedom…or is that get some freedom. The trouble is that earshot can take them half way across the store and way past the arm’s reach I need to slam-dunk them into the cart. Following a10-second period of shock, they usually end up crawling around, under, over and through the cart until I’m ready to scream and release them from captivity.

Luckily they are still young enough to care if I leave so I’m often being followed by a short, blond pair sobbing a concert of, “don’t leave without my brother and me.” I’m sure they know I would never leave them. I better survey that.

They are sleeping now and it’s much too quiet in here. I prefer life out loud.