Daily Archives: April 12, 2007

Dog’s breakfast

My life is a wonderful mix of everything. I devour the energy I receive from laughing with my friends. I love the excitement of new people and new projects. I’m filled with joy when my children smile. Watching my dog play renews my spirit. Being on or near the water is peaceful beyond my wildest dreams. The sunshine brings energy. The rain brings fertility. I’m full of life and life is full. I dream big. I expect the best outcome. I accept the possibilities. I see no limitations. Daily strife brings opportunity to grow. Being tired reminds me to sleep. May I sleep well tonight and tomorrow fully appreciate the mix.



Yesterday and today I used and heard the word contingency at least a dozen times. A contingency is a possibility that must be prepared for in case certain events take place. What about the law of attraction? Are we setting the stage to miss our original goal by giving energy to contingencies or are we simply giving ourselves breathing space to create the best result? 

Often the contingency actually turns out to be the better plan, but don’t be fooled by contingencies that force you off your path…that’s just the ego keeping your dreams at bay.