Daily Archives: April 3, 2007


The sweet aroma of biscuits filled her bedroom. She dressed quickly and rushed downstairs. Her uncombed hair fell loosely around her shoulders and matts of blond curls stood straight up in the back. “Good morning,” said a sweet frail voice. “Biscuits smell good Nan, are they ready?” she asked. “Right after your hair is combed dear and you are dressed properly. Every meal deserves respect.” It was going to be a long summer for Jordan Miller.



At the speed of life we seek the thrill
and turn our minds away from pain.

We are empty, waiting to be filled
we are full, waiting to pour.

Our path slips away and we are left alone
fending for ourselves finding strength and hope.

When the day comes and the light shines through
may peace be the foundation and love be in bloom.


My kids returned to swimming lessons. When I arrived they were in full splash. My three year old was the only kid in his class. I hope I never forget the smile on his face. I think he liked the personal attention. He even went in the canoe all by himself with both paddles. Their Dad had the same squishy look I had watching that one.  The older one was nervous going up a level. I told him it’s like a video game, just follow the instructions and you’ll figure it out. I think he was amazed that he could still swim.

I’m mindful of how much I’m missing with my kids. I’m looking for life to bring me more balance so I can feed my creative spirit and more often watch my children smile. I can’t get these days back. Something’s gotta give.