My refrigerator and freezer are not working. I’m not sure when they stopped, but everything is completely thawed so I’d say more than 72 hours ago. I’m going to need a big shopping cart on Monday.

I have a friend who fixes refrigerators. I called him tonight, but he was at the tavern…best that he stays there for now… we’ll hook up tomorrow.  Actually, I’m thinking back over the last week or so and remembering that my frozen turnip didn’t feel so frozen and the sausages were a little soft…not a good way for a sausage to be. I missed a red flag on that one…or sinful denial.

I’m trying to salvage the milk and juice in a cooler on the deck. Luckily it’s snowing and below zero tonight.

I had completely-thawed Ezekiel raisin bread for supper…toasted with butter. Everything else just had a bad aura. 

On the upside, the bacon (from my deep freeze) is thawing nicely for breakfast and the wine is fine.  


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