The trampoline is finally here. It takes up most of my backyard and is likely an eye-sore for the neighbours, but I don’t care. It’s amazing how much lighter you feel, in mood and mass, when you experience life mid-air. My kids and I are birthing lots of great memories with games like:  popcorn, egg breaker, Johnny butt cracker, face plant and genie in a bottle. Plus, they are content to be completely caged in the backyard, burning off all the extra energy that seems to cause wild mood swings and random attacks on each other.

The health benefits of bouncing are enormous. Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have a natural pump, bouncing is really great for keeping things moving and ridding your body of toxins and unwanted deposits. And, the cardiovascular benefits are swift and effortless. Your heart-rate rises quickly and it’s easy to maintain because you just don’t want to stop. It’s a fun, low-impact and strenuous workout. I have a physio appointment Monday morning. I’m sensing we’ll be covering new ground.

While I’m blessing it with safe white light, I’m grateful to have such an efficient and delicious toy.


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