Tonight I did my homework and researched Qigong. Wow, I’m really excited now.  Watching the videos, it’s coming back to me just how much I loved tasting the sampler back in 2000.  I know I have a VHS tape here somewhere, but it does me no good because who still owns a VCR anyway?

I didn’t realize there are so many benefits to Qigong, what with the exercise and healing powers it brings. It’s been effective for acute and chronic illness and I’m psyched…can you tell? Maybe my cold will be gone this time tomorrow night.

Korey got the Stanley Cup tonight for a week. We are planning a parade for Saturday or Sunday. Stay tuned, I’ll post a video. His hockey tryouts are Sunday as well. And, he has his second 1 to 1 hockey school session on Saturday, so he should be good and ready. I hope he makes one of the more competitive Novice teams so he will remain keen. Last year his hockey desire was waning a bit from no action. I’m biased, but I think he’s a great goalie with lots of potential.  A natural. I’d post a video, but Youtube is not accepting my upload right now…it must be full of Kanye West/Taylor Swift/Patrick Swayze uploads tonight.


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