Things to do

My list is growing while I sit and write this, but it has to come out…when you gotta write, you gotta write.

So far today I managed to get the clothes folded. Now it’s just, hand washing my fine washables, a shower, grocery list development, dishes, sweeping the floor, tidying up, cleaning bathrooms, eating something and grocery shopping.

But I did manage to get a song down better on my guitar, read some nice poetry, play with my dog, sleep in, practice yoga and pilates…all in my jammies.

I’ve been thinking that what happens to us in life isn’t really what it appears. We see things through our judgements, attachments and desires. When we can just be with it, nothing seems really scary. We are stronger than we think.

I saw the Marilyn Munroe exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on Thursday. She was a beautiful woman. I found she got younger looking as she aged. Less makeup perhaps. The Martini Girls had dinner at a local pub on the waterfront and went on from there. We entered the Art Gallery through the back door and got lost. Around and around we roamed, until Kathy called to tell them we couldn’t find our way to the main entrance. A very nice person arrived to collect us. What a cultured group we are.

The performance of Marilyn: Forever Blonde was definitely the highlight. The scene is Marilyn’s bedroom on her final night as she recounts her entire life through words and music. My heart broke for this woman who merely wanted to be loved, but was only played with by men who didn’t think to look deeper within her soul. Sunny Thompson was stunning, breathtaking and completely Marilyn. I will never forget it.


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