Daily Archives: February 24, 2008

Can you hear the river?

Can you hear the river
flowing through my soul?

Can you hear the river
earth and force its toll?

Can you hear the river
drinking up the rain?

Can you hear the river
causing no one pain?

Can you hear the river
gentle stops and starts?

Can you hear the river
deep within my heart?

Goalie’s choice

KD loves to be in the net. Whether it’s soccer or hockey, he’s the ultimate defenceman. Yesterday he donned goalie gear for the first time and took to the ice. With great agility he managed to look like the real thing, dropping and stopping pucks. Of course, many went through the 5 hole, but that’s to be expected. Underneath that gear was one sweaty little boy, a quarter of the size fully dressed in padding and cups.

His teammates told the real tale. “Korey is our goalie,” they said, in awe of my baby’s new status. And, “Korey is a great goalie” was heard more than once in the dressing room.

Today he played out and it confirmed for him what a mother knows instinctively.

I have a goalie.