5 x Five

Susan at One Woman Show has tagged me for this meme (and I had to look that up). Also, I’m not sure how the tag thing works, my blogging is quite elementary. So now that I’ve registered my ignorance, I’ll move on to something I think I can do with some reverence and sincerity. Like Susan and Sophie before her, I too am casual about when/if the people I tag for this carry through.

5 Things I Want My Kids to Know:

  1. My life has more meaning with you in it. I’m grateful for your souls.
  2. I think you are excellent teachers. I’ve learned so much from you.
  3. Whenever I’m lonely I replay the first time I held you.
  4. I’m sorry I yell so much.  I hope I can teach you how not to do that even when you want to.
  5. I love you just the way you are.

5 things you want to tell your child when they grow up:

  1. Learn to meditate. It will bring you back to yourself.
  2. Be at peace with the world. Your world begins with you.
  3. Don’t feign affection. As much as you deserve to be deeply loved, you also deserve to love deeply in return.
  4. Choices are not forever. You can always make another decision.
  5.  Everything changes. Enjoy every moment.

5 things you want to tell your children before you die:

  1. Always remember to brush your teeth and comb your hair…check your nose too.
  2. Remember the best parts of me and delete the rest. I’ve always wanted you to have only the best of me.
  3. Share your happiness with others.  Happiness is stronger when mixed.
  4. Find something you love to do. If it pays well, great. If not, work at the next best thing to support your passion.
  5. If you make a 1000 mistakes, I’ll still love you. If you feel like giving up, I’ll hold you.

5 things you want your children to know this lifetime:

  1. The kind of love that is as wonderful to give as it is to receive.
  2. The smell of your newborn baby.
  3. Opportunities taken.
  4. A gentle and comfortable existence.
  5. A grandchild to hold.

5 people I’m tagging for this meme if, and only if, they would like to participate:

  1. Kathleen at Mama Words
  2. Brahnamin at Juggling Cats

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