Northern Lights

The house is quiet for the first time in over 10 days with just the pitter-patter of Mandy nails and Jimmie’s occassional outbursts resonating. The kids are with their Dad who returned from “Up North” after a week-long visit with his sister. He left on Boxing Day, which meant the kids and I had the whole Christmas break together. It was fun. We had no where to go and relaxed into house bunnies.

The holidays were productive. We hosted two parties and even got the old toys cleaned up to make room for the new ones and some shelves I’m hoping to score early this year. So far, nine bags of garbage await their Tuesday morning date with the squeezer. Actually, I’ll have to share some of the garbage with my neighbours since I think we have a 6 bag limit. Update:  the old toilet is still covered in snow.

The tree is now bare, except for the lights and angel and I’m moving into cleansweep mode this weekend, returning our house back to its normal look and feel. As I write this though, I’m thinking I’ll make some changes, drastic ones, like taking the tv out of the livingroom. On second thought, that’s probably not a good idea, yet.

JB got a set of drums for Christmas and the neighbours are so happy. KD got a guitar which I think he’s naming Jimmie 2. That’s original. I’ll get him to work on that. He hasn’t really tried it out, but I was playing it and he commented that he didn’t think it could sound so good.

The best part of the holiday was my friend KT visiting (from “Up North”) with his daughter SE, who is eight. A perfect fit for my kids and my 7 year old nephew MJ who I believe may now be “in love”. What a sweet thing. He bought SE earings as a going away gift. Two nights before they left all three boys gathered and waited for their arrival to say their final farewells. MJ and JB went bezerk and drove SE nuts, until she actually cried. KD sat immersed in re-runs of Bugs Bunny and once SE had tired of JB and MJ, he made his subtle move…sly devil. I was so proud.

KT and SE left this morning. KT and I hung out last night, drank beer, looked backward and forward, laughed and hugged a lot. It’s hard to imagine where all the years went, or what’s ahead. They’ll be back in two year’s time. I’m marking this moment to measure the width of our path and the length of our journey.


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One response to “Northern Lights

  • Susan

    Happy New Year! I’m glad you had a nice holiday. It’s funny, on New Year’s day my kids were with my ex and I was alone, so I started taking down decorations. Once I did I couldn’t stop. I was like a mad, Type A woman, dragging the tree to my garage, driving it over to ye ol’ wood chipper in the next neighborhood. I guess that’s kind of sad,really, but I felt better once it was all done.

    As for your friend, the best part about good friendships is that you can pick up right where you last left off…no matter how far the distance or time in between.

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