A peaceful soul

I just spent the last two hours on Kate’s blog. Learned that Liam left for heaven on Friday morning via his mom’s heart. What a beautifully touching story of grace and love and hope. My heart is full of sad for the beginning that held so much intrepid promise and grateful there was peace at the end…or is it just the beginning.


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I've been wanting to do this for a while. Now I can type instead of pen scratch in a journal. It's an experiment, but isn't life. I wish you joy and happiness. May life bless you and may you bless life. View all posts by writesome

One response to “A peaceful soul

  • bon

    i guess we share a friend in Kate…she is on so many minds and hearts these days. just wanted to say thanks for coming by my place, too, and for taking the time to read a little about Finn. means a lot.


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