Daily Archives: June 19, 2007

I didn’t intend to join the mistress club…

But here I am, second to my children, my work, my passion, my co-parent and often my sanity. It’s a sacrifice that feels right most of the time, giving with all your heart and receiving only speckles in return.  My children are my greatest delight and yet they chip away with the precision of a sculptor, leaving me alone, taking a back seat to my frustration.

Justin skipped to the car. So eager to go to the dentist, he talked his brother into letting him “go first”. When we arrived, his brave face turned bashful and he refused to get into the chair. Korey wouldn’t budge on switching places. Multitudes of persuasion-turned-threats, one fake call to Daddy and three raging storms from the office later, Mommy went first, followed by Justin. He crawled up on the chair and held my hand.  He did well until the flouride treatment made him gag and throw-up.

Korey’s appointment will need to be re-booked.