Daily Archives: June 22, 2007

My psychic blog…

My posts are often a simple writing meditation that flows from my fingertips without really any conscious thought, except fixing typos and grammar. When this happens, I often find what I’m writing about has meaning before its time. For example, my Lumps in the Sand post was followed the next day by my sister telling me she made a kitty litter birthday cake for her son.  Don’t worry it just looked gross, it tasted fine. My kids wouldn’t eat it though. I found that kind of funny. The connection between my writing and her concoction made us smile.

I thought it would be fun to test the theory of my supernatural powers to glimpse into the future versus odd coincidence, if there is such a thing. Here goes my words dripping from within:

I’m not little any more. There is definately a side of me that grows tall when I’m around people who make me feel good and want to share special moments. There is no defining reason for this and I’m not particularly clever at making things up so I’m as natural as I can be and bam! someone wants to talk about that, about anything, about everything. Where in the world do I go from here?

 Tonight sounds promising…do check back.


Soaking up the sunshine

Every once and a while I find myself stuck, deeply rooted in past hurts and fears. What, if anything, am I to do about this? Should I stay put and look around? Have I missed something? This feels like orienteering. I’m looking for the flag so I can move to the next station. Maybe I need a better map or a stronger compass. The rain clouds move in and darken my path. I think I’ll just bunker down here for a while until the sun breaks through again. Forgive me if I’m not my usual self. May patience attach itself to me and guide me through this. Oh, I think I see the sunshine, just up ahead.