Daily Archives: June 17, 2007

A peaceful soul

I just spent the last two hours on Kate’s blog. Learned that Liam left for heaven on Friday morning via his mom’s heart. What a beautifully touching story of grace and love and hope. My heart is full of sad for the beginning that held so much intrepid promise and grateful there was peace at the end…or is it just the beginning.



Feeling lost, out of the loop
not knowing the answers
eyes are a blur
memories breathe

Sugar coat the obvious
and swallow the truth
pull out reserve hope
to snuggle the pain

Laugh at yourself for waiting
laugh at yourself for wanting
cry to no one
swallow slithers of tears

Eye Level Marketing

Grocery shopping today I noticed an interesting arrangement of items. The first to catch my eye were hangover reducer tablets that you take while you’re drinking to eliminate that green gills feeling the next morning. Just above the tablets were value packs of condoms and right above the condoms were those stop-snoring strips.  Personal lubricant hung just below the hangover tablets. The branding was similar on all of these items. I guess they are related…what is, something you need in the bedroom? Not my bedroom of course, with the possible exception of the hangover tablets.