Not so dull

Went shopping today, just browsing for a new purse. Found one I liked, it was red, thought it might be too flashy for me. Gave up on the purse idea. Hunted for a white blouse…ran into a former colleague…caught up…found a white blouse, went back to the purses…found a wallet I really liked…former colleague returned and liked the red purse.  I now own a red purse, a white blouse and an (empty) new wallet.

While there I witnessed a couple shopping. The man was choosing clothes for the woman. He was saying things like, “wow this is really nice, it would look great with a black bra, you should definately try that one on.” I’m not sure I would want my partner so involved in my clothes selection, some things are sacred. I had a partner once who was really involved in decorating our home…it was wonderful at first, but after a while, well, a woman’s home is her castle and my castle didn’t feel so much like me. Alas, the castle is now his.


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