Daily Archives: February 15, 2007

More to see

There’s a storm outside but I’m calm inside. I’m thinking about how life treats us and how we treat life. I’m listening to power thoughts in my car and it’s quite invigorating. I hearing all happy and positive all the time—sounds absurd and impossible. Sometimes it’s fun to think about negative stuff  so you can prepare yourself and react appropriately in realtime—too much though and you’re left paranoid and unable to function in society. What motivates people to pull away and shed love. We are watered and fed by the love that comes in and then we give off more love in return. We are like the rainforest on love. That’s funny.

Change brings so much to us. We need to readily accept it and embrace the power it holds to shift the paradigms and open us up to new possibilities. I see solutions not problems and there’s always more to see.