Daily Archives: February 19, 2007

It’s loud in here

Why does quiet seem to come in spurts?  My mind is so full of imaginings that I can’t hear myself. Meditation is the only way to absorb the rush of messages coming in. My problem is that it’s hard to distinguish the inner voice from the ego and that makes it difficult for me to trust my intuition. Even when I think I’m listening, the ego wins on the second thought. Some meditation 101 is in order. I need to approach my practice as if for the first time, which is truly the only way to successfully approach it. The trick is to practice. Here’s a writing meditation that’s coming in as the noise in this place fades away. Where there is ever a dream you can live it. Where there is ever a joy you can experience it. Where you find love, you find yourself. Where you find yourself, you have love. Now that’s coming in loud and clear.