Daily Archives: February 21, 2007


I had a little acorn
I planted in the ground
it will grow to be an oak tree
—standing tall without a sound.

I’ll likely never see it 
with this set of eyes
but the promise of the acorn
outlives the old and wise.

My faith will reunite us
in a space and time that’s right
and a little child will swing so high
from its branches every night.


Simple things

Whatever it takes to make us happy is what we ought to go for. But what about the feelings of others. Can we be happy when those around us cry? Are we not more than just our own feelings? Today I’m simply puzzled by my inability to conceive the notion of wholeness. What we give we get. When we offer with a generous heart, our heart grows bigger. When we offer with judgement or expectation, our minds narrow. Yet there is resistance to letting go, to providing for someone else with what we have, what we conceive to be “ours”. I’m caught between the guilt of not offering more of what I have and a righteous sense of attachment to “my stuff”. Sleep on it and the answer will be clear. Let space and time open the pathway to knowledge. 

These moments in life are so defining. Bending ourselves this-way-and-that will lead us to a greater sense of who we are. It’s complicated at the moment, but one day it will seem a simple thing.