What’s in a label?

So, the other week I purchased a new dress and it hangs eloquently in my closet waiting for just the right occasion. I showed it off to JB this morning and he responded with the sincerity of a four year old. “Wow, that’s pretty Mommy. You’ll look just like a cow.”

Here it is. 

Do you think?

and here’s a cow…

The tags remain.


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7 responses to “What’s in a label?

  • Susan

    Out of the mouths of babes…

    Frankly, I like cows. You wear B&W well!

    (And you were right when you emailed me. This is a very funny post! Thanks for sharing it.)

  • writesome

    Thanks Susan, do you think I’ll appear to be outstanding in my field when I wear this or perhaps put out to pasture.

  • Susan

    Oh, honey. Definitely outstanding in your field…and all the other fields around the farm! 🙂

  • Ali

    Okay. Love the dress, so hawt for spring…but Heather…the comment is priceless. Sad that we even know a double meaning exists…but a precious reminder of innocence and humor. You depict life so well. After reading you for so long, I Finally added you to my blog –hope that was okay. Now go out in that dress and celebrate life! Ali

  • writesome

    Thanks Ali. I actually exchanged it for a smaller size. Less cow-like fabric is much finer. Thanks for adding me to your roll. It put a skip in my celebratory step.:)

  • Amanda Lowe

    As a mother of a 4 year old…I can so relate. It was a well needed laugh today…how is yoga going?

  • writesome

    Thanks for delurking Amanda, glad to offer up a good laugh. I’m looking forward to moooving into some great asanas on Thursday. Hope to see you.

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