Daily Archives: April 5, 2008

Random acts of thinking…

Why is it when you stop wanting something it lands in your lap? The universe must be on dial-up.

When did I ever say I wanted to be someone’s queen? I didn’t. But, it might be fun.

A mess was created the other day and while I was trying to sort it out, everyone else involved was adding to the shit pile. Sometimes complications arise not from your own mis-intention, but the energy of others’ who thrive on controversy and drama.

Me, I’m a drama-less queen.


WordPress has updated it’s interface and Dashboard. What a nice surprise today. I like it. Highly usable and everything I use the most is right up front. Wish I could take some credit for the re-design. Perhaps I did if they were watching me use my site.

One possible exception is the category box being below the post. I liked it in the right nav.