Look what she did

Hey, my friend Susan jumped out of a f***ing plane the other day…check it out.

I have a few other friends who have done this, but it wasn’t caught on camera. I can’t say it’s anything I ever wanted to do, but watching her makes it more exciting than scary. Definitely a life-altering experience.


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2 responses to “Look what she did

  • Susan

    Thanks for the link, Heather (and sorry I’ve been so distracted with family and work I haven’t been by earlier to write this). There has been one downside to jumping out of a plane: I’ve been eating junk food like there’s no tomorrow and probably have gained a few pounds in the last 10 days. I wonder if I do another jump the weight will free-fall away from me?!

  • Susan

    Oh, and btw, I’ve looked at the video a number of times and every time I go out of the plane I think, “What the holy, f**g, hell was I thinking?!”

    So your use of “f**g” is quite appropriate.

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