Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

Look what she did

Hey, my friend Susan jumped out of a f***ing plane the other day…check it out.

I have a few other friends who have done this, but it wasn’t caught on camera. I can’t say it’s anything I ever wanted to do, but watching her makes it more exciting than scary. Definitely a life-altering experience.


The 5th Judge

My friend’s brother-in-law, Mitch MacDonald, is on Canadian Idol. Tonight was the results show and the boys watched with me. Half way through the group number, Justin turns to me and says,

“If you were on there Mommy, you would win.”

“Thank you,” I said, pride staining the carpet.

“There’s just one problem,” he continued.

“Oh, what’s that honey?”

“You wouldn’t look cool enough.”