Last night the boys had a couple friends over to bounce on the trampoline. Two tear-pours resulted. One from a foot to the chin and the other from a slam-dunk on the leg. But, no blood or broken bones. Everyone was having lots of fun. After their friends left, the fun fell out of ‘er.

Justin spit on Korey and Korey punched him in the eye. Then the wrestling began. I had to physically break it up and drag them off the trampoline. 

They didn’t complain much about getting ready for bed. I stayed between them for the most part and distracted them enough to keep the peace. They both called their Dad to tell on the other. I know I ought to restrict these calls, but I’m mom-savy enough to know you don’t fight with two little people who are already tired and in the mood for a brawl. Besides, he is super-dad and super-heroes are always on duty, right?

As I lay between them on the bed, I asked who they loved in their family. Korey said, “I love everyone, except for Justin. I hate Justin tonight.” Justin responded in kind, “I love everyone but Korey, I hate Korey. I fuckin’ hate him.” Justin is the best swearer. When he lets loose on the curse-words, even I feel better. Then of course, as I am obligated, I tell him not to use them..blah, blah, blah.

I layed in bed this morning listening to them play. They came full circle. “I love you Justin,” said Korey. Within a breath, Justin replied, “I love you too biggie.”

I could hear the smiles on their faces.


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