I’m Facebook savy enough to know how the advertisements work. I’ve actually placed Facebook ads so I’m well aware of the amazing minute targetting you can do to get your ad in front of a relevant audience. What then is on my profile that keeps me bombarded with ads for products promising a flat, firm, tummy. I sure hope they aren’t scanning my photos. I think I’ll remove my birth year and sex to see if they stop. 


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2 responses to “Profiling

  • Walter Termeer

    LOL, I refuse to use facebook, it’s to impersonel, and too widespread like a bad virus, but maybe I’m just to oldfashioned and like my people to be real. Ha

  • Susan

    I keep seeing the same “superflat tummy” ads, too. Honestly, though, I wish just reading the ads would do the trick – you know, osmosis and the power of positive thinking and all of that. 🙂

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