Daily Archives: May 12, 2008

The passing

The cloud that hung over me the past two days has lifted and I’m once again feeling optimistic. Self-destructing negativity has fallen off the cliff and took with it those familar lonely, unworthy feelings. I’m left at the edge of something great. “This too shall pass” is the promise, and so it has.

Where do I go from here? Back to my usual self. Full of the stuff that makes life great and worth the struggles we face.

While I was held hostage by empty shoes and unzipped jackets, KD said, “Ok Mom, tell us for certain, which one of us do you love the most?”

“I love you both exactly the same. That’s not a fair question. That’s like asking who do you love more Mom or Dad?”

The choir was shattered glass. “We love Daddy more.”

“Because he listens to us better,” KD says.

“Because he lets us ride our bikes on the road,” says JB.

I’m the one who lets them ride their bikes on the road, but only when I’m outside with them and can yell, “CAR COMING.”

So, I listen to their requests and give them safe room to roam, and Dad gets the love.

All in a day’s joy.