Daily Archives: July 22, 2007

It’s sunny, Heathertoo

I remember the day I met her. I was overwhelmed by her genuine enthusiasm for life. I can learn a lot from her, I thought. She made the bad situation of returning to work a joy, something I awoke and wanted to do. When her laughter fills a room, the world changes. I’m blessed and I know this.

Watching her quickly turn each project into a reality beyond expectation, taught me to give ‘er. Dream big, plan big and enjoy the rush. She adds joy to everything she touches.

Laughter, a hug, a shared tear, empathy, sympathy and an optimistic outlook is guaranteed. She’s a natural nuturer. A mother who hates what you hate and loves what you love, without judgement or fear of reprimand, just gentle acceptance and soulful guidance.

There’s an empty space at work these days. Heather has moved on. She’s not far, but I don’t hear her laugh everyday or experience her magic and daily dose of friendship. All that makes me sad. I miss her. But missing someone is such a gift.  Much better than the thought of never having met her. 

With new opportunities brightening her path. 

It’s not an ending, but a new beginning. 

How grateful I am for her.

How awesome it will be each time we re-unite.

How much I love her.

How perfect that is.