So consumed

I spent yesterday and today at an internet marketing conference. Because I don’t own a handheld, yet, I was unable to keep up with Sweet | Salty. Yesterday I learned Liam was having heart surgery sometime this week. As it turns out, today was the day. Tonight I read both posts…when he went in and when he came out. I’m so glad I was incommunicado. I’m not sure I could have stood the suspense or the painful, nervous hoping. Of course Kate and Justin endured it real time, they seem so superhero-ish to me. I’m amazed by the human spirit and the outpouring of global love from those known and unknown to them. Keep putting the corners around it Kate, we’ll be here soaking up your strength and pouring it right back to you.

As for the conference, it was well done. Well organized.  An interesting mix of topics. Some light some enlightening. For the first Atlantic event, it was heavily attended and the key message was clear. A highly usable, task oriented website is the most important tool in your belt—it builds efficient business processes, your brand and great customer experiences. Say, have you met Bob and Carol? They love great experiences. Congrats ISL on your new corporate identity, your exceptional exposure at the conference and your new website…I’m still crushing on it.

Next year when I register, I hope I can select from 3 options: 

1.  Give me the basics
2.  Give me more than the basics
3.  All meat and no potatoes please

What I really want is a glimpse of tomorrow. I’m already having a blast in the past.


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2 responses to “So consumed

  • Robert Swick

    I’m one of the conference organizers. Thanks for the praise! The feedback we’ve had has been great – and the turn-out really shows we hit the mark and that Atlantic Canadians get it. Your thoughts about ‘next time’ are something we’ve been thinking about.For certain we’ll have something of that sort – more basic versus more specialized (higher) level talks. We’re also considering some practical ‘hands-on’ workshops on site. Small groups, a room full of computers, that sort of thing. We’ll see you next year – but meanwhile, the association (not much there now but will be soon) will carry on the good work and start to get active over the summer. Stay tuned… and thanks!

  • writesome

    Thanks for your comments, Rob. Alpha Search did a fantastic job. Thanks for making this happen. Almost daily, I find myself quoting and applying knowledge gained at the conference. The impact continues to resonate. I look forward to ACIMA.

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