Daily Archives: May 10, 2007

Slim developments

My focus has shifted. I feel lost, hitchhiking a deserted road back to my centre. I’ve moved away from orderly chaos to a place where everything feels clumsy. I think of my friend Kate and her little boys so often. Perhaps this is tipping me off balance. If so, it’s no sacrifice, it’s the least I can do from my helpless position. I actually feel purposeful sending light and love their way. Scouring her blog and flickr for news and photos, listening to every comment as though we are conversing in a room together. Showering Kate and Justin with surplus strength in case their tandem load runs low. 

Inevitably, as we pour ourselves into the lives of others, we snag an edge and hang around for a while, sometimes enjoying the break, sometimes envying freedom. Patience to this, move with the riptide and come out the other end with a deeper knowledge of what life is about.

My most recent homework is to determine my perfect career. Since I rescheduled this week’s appointment with my life coach—even my hair is taking precedence—I’ve given myself space on this. But, driving to work this morning, the words business development popped into my mind and something around that made me feel hopeful that I may be onto something.

Oh, and Heathertoo told me I looked slimmer…I hugged her.