The accidental goalie

Last year Korey got a taste of the pipes and has since wanted to be in there full time. We asked if we could register him as a goalie this year and were told not to; that the goalies would be chosen from those who expressed interest the following year. Stupid, earnest parents that we are, we didn’t. At the beginning of this season, there were a few kids dressed in goalie gear. I asked the parents how that happened and was told they just signed their kid up as a goalie.

So, Korey’s been waiting all year, only getting a taste of the net every second Sunday, and never starting a game. Needless to say his enthusiasm was waning.

Last Saturday, Justin had his regular 8:30 am practice and Korey had a game at 10:30. Korey was dressed early so Justin and I went for hot chocolate. We entered the rink just after the game started and Justin said, “Mommy, Korey’s team has two goalies.”

“Why are both goalies wearing the same jerseys,” I asked my friend.

“Because, that is YOUR son,” she responded. I thought he looked familiar.

Apparently, the other team’s goalie didn’t show and there was gear available so Korey pinch hit in net. The gear was a complete season too big and it slowed him down a lot, but he only let in four shots from his own teammates and most were from their star player who has mastered the Gretzky wrap-around at the tender age of 7. “I tried to stay with him Mom, but I couldn’t get back quick enough,” he explained very matter-of-fact as if he were being interviewed by the CBC.

I teared up, without embarrassment, at the end of the game when his adopted team crowded around him and made him their star.

On the way home, we told him to either draw a picture or write down exactly how he felt on the date of this big event. He took his journal upstairs and when he came back  he said he had written most of it. My request to read it received a flat “NO.”  I haven’t, I really haven’t. I’m dying to, but I haven’t.

Sunday at 7:00 am Korey was on the ice with this own, better fitting goalie gear and took practice with his and his adopted team who conveniently share the ice. But it didn’t end there. He then took practice with Justin’s team. You should have seen the look on those 5 year old faces when they walked in the dressing room and saw a real, live goalie dressed for them. Korey had a great time.  Justin felt so special to have his “Biggie” on the ice with him and Korey was proud to help out his “Button”. It was a moment of brotherly love and affection.


Next year we are registering him as a goalie.


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