September 25

Today is my wedding anniversary. It’s funny how I still say, “my wedding”. I remember the engagement year, I constantly referred to it as mine, as if my finance was inconsequential. I was getting married, he was along for the ride.

We laughed together today exchanging happy anniversary greetings. But, you know, it’s sad for me. It wasn’t what I meant to have happen, the ending, that is.

Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself, which I really have no reason to feel. I’m in a good place. Plenty to keep me busy, lots of growth opportunities, two amazing children and a dedicated and loving co-parent. I don’t consider myself a single parent. A single mom perhaps. I definitely chose the right father for my children. It’s just too bad we weren’t the right couple.


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4 responses to “September 25

  • Susan

    Your feelings are completely normal. What saddened me last year was when the day came and went and I hadn’t even realized it until the day was done. I’m also in a similar situation.

  • Mary Ann is not what you had intended…nor ever thought would happen…but it did. Looking back though…and then looking forward…you are in such a better place..You are growing..not stagnant and the silver lining is that you have two beautiful, happy boys who are sooo lucky to have the love , warmth, caring and dedication of two wonderful parents…no matter what! Although you and Brian are apart…you will always have two of God’s gifts to share…you have done an incredible job at making a difficult situation seem seamless in your children’s eyes.

    Love you!

  • Kathy Hammer

    Having gone through all of this with you I know first hand, I know there was no end in sight on that Sept 25. You are amazing Heather – with all that you juggle everyday and still manage to stay true to yourself and your children. I feel blessed that we are part of each others journeys.

  • Writesome

    Susan, somehow I knew you would relate. Loved your latest on Dinner for One. Inspiring!

    Mary Ann, thank you…love you too!

    Kathy, I feel blessed as well. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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