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Watching the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, I imagined the level of detail involved in pulling off an event of that magnitude and I sat in awe of the Olympic committee and the thousands of volunteers. I had an opportunity to tour the Olympic sites in June of last year when they were still under construction and refit and to see it transform to showcase our Country in a such an amazing way, shook me with pride.

Today, the Canadian men’s hockey team won gold for Canada; the ultimate prize and I’ll admit, I cried. I cried for all the young players watching who will dream of being Olympians, I cried because Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal, I cried because our country showed the world that we do indeed own the podium. Growing up, Canada had a handful of medal winners and Olympic champions and we remain proud of each and every one. But is has never been anything like the showing we had over the past two weeks. Could it have ended any more perfect? I think not. My children will have even more to be proud of.

Thank you Vancouver, thank you British Columbia and thank you to all our Olympians for placing pride in the hearts of every Canadian.

Oh, and that interview with Stephen Harper…he actually said, “ain’t”. Is it just me or was that a breath of fresh air, just sayin’.


In full colour

My Mother turns 80 this month and we are planning a surprise party for her in a week or so. I’m going through all our old photos to make a photobook and my life is literally flashing before my eyes.

Heather and her bunnyI found this one of me with my favourite stuffed bunny rabbit. It was my calm reassurance that allowed me to drift off to sleep each night.  My mean, ugly sisters played monkey-in-the-middle with it and tug-of-war. Mom washed it so often it literally broke in two and she left one half at the country house and the other at home. I remember one day it got caught in the pulley at the end of the clothesline and with tender patience Mom tried to convince me that a substitute would do the trick.  No go.  My Dad climbed the tree, in the dark, to retrieve it for me. I still feel the relief that washed over me that night.

Fascinated by the old photos, Korey asked why they were in black and white.  I told him there was no colour back then. His response was angelic. “But the world was in colour, wasn’t it?”